Group Photo! (minus Juan José and Raul)

Group Photo! (minus Juan José and Raul)

Well, here we are, lots of smiling faces! It’s been a fantastic course and a great experience for me too (Martin the teacher). You have all worked very hard and I think your level of English has improved greatly, Well Done Everybody!! I hope to see you all again in the future, maybe on another English course, or maybe just in Monfragüe National Park, where I will be enjoying the area, the wildlife and the friendly people. Thank you everyone and good luck with your English… keep speaking!!


An email

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am glad your interest in our services.

However, I’d like to ask you some questions before you’re coming. This will help us to design your trip the best possible.

First, I’d like to ask you how long will you stay in Monfragüe and the kind of accommodation that you prefer. In this zone, there are several kinds of accommodation like hotels, rural apartment and rural houses too.

Also, I’d like to know if someone of your group needs some special food. Or if someone of you is allergic to any food.

Finally, I’ll ask you if the activities that you want to do, is they’re strong like rafting, climbing or similar, or soft like walking or birding.

With all this data, we can prepare your trip for it an unforgettable experience.

Thank you again and I hope to have news from you early.


Manuel García del Rey

An email

Dear Mr Simpson,

In response to your requirements about the possibility to do new activities in the area
of Monfrragüe, I have to tell you that during this season there are lots of interesting
activities available to do like walking guided trips, bird watching, horse riding, cycling,
boating and even you can visit the interpretation centres like the House of vegetation
flavours (“Casa de los aromas”) and the route of Englishmen (“ruta de los Ingleses”)
both placed in Romangordo village, as well as the Dehesa ethnographic museum
(“museo vivo de la dehesa”) in Malpartida de Plasencia.

Regarding to the accommodation, what do you prefer stay on hotel, on rural
apartment or camping? Anyway the nearest hotel to Monfragüe is “Hospedería Parque
Monfrague” about 8 km distant from the park, there are two rural apartments “La
solana” and “Al-Mofrag” placed in Villarreal de San Carlos, a small village inside the
limits of the park. In case you prefer camping, the only one is 15 km far from the park.

Are you interested in renting a car? Please let me know and I will send you more
information by email.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Valentín B.

An hipotetyc email.


Dear Meindert Boskma,

 There is  availability for you and your group at  the acommodation,  it is that at “the rock trush” Birdwatching Centre, that is a rural house sets in a nice  village, Malpartida de Plasencia, close to Plasencia and well connected to visit interesting places like Gredos Mountains, Cáceres plains and Monfragüe N.P.. The price for a double room is €65/night (included breakfast), we have offers for long stays, therefore the total cost for week would be €390, besides you would have an ornithological tour. The area is one of the most beautiful for birding in Europe so I recommend you and your group a birding holidays.

In this site you have up date information about the birds and the last interesting sigtings in Extremadura.

I´m a local guide of  Extremadura and I will be very happy to guide you the days you want. 

This is the site of the guides of extremadura :

Booking is either by bank transfer or PayPal payment of 25% of the total cost; our details below,

You can consult facilities and features on our web , if you need further information, please, do not hesitate contact us. 

Kind regards.      

Ricardo Montero 

Thank you everyone

This morning, when I was doing my homework I didn´t know what topic I could write and suddenly I thought that the best idea would be to thank you for those two weeks. Thank you for your help and for sharing with yours all the fantastic hours in that course.

I hope to follow getting on well with yours durint a lot of years and sharing new experiences. I know that this will be difficult, but we will have to try.

But mainly, I want to thank to Martin him patience and work. He´s a fantastic teacher and he has teached us a lot of news things.

It has been a pleasure to be in this course with yours.

Thank you so much everyone.

An opinion personal

I think the tourist policy of Malpartida isn´t the best. Malpartida is the biggest village of National Park, but there isn´t any Tourist Information Office, so a lot of tourists arrive, but they don´t stay here. They prefer to go to other small villages, where there are different places or Interpretation Centers to visit. So many people go to those villages and they stay there.

I think Malpartida should have an Tourist Office and maybe we can improve our economy and many people can know our village. It would be a good idea for our area.